Last Updated: May 30, 2016
· peter_heard01

Screencast : TDD Simplified in 5 Steps (Angular)

I recorded my talk called ‘Test Driven Development Simplified in 5 Steps’ onto video. It is about an hour long. It goes over the 5 steps that I lay out in my E-Book. It uses Javascript/Angular for the examples.

The 5 basic steps to simplifying Test Driven Development are….

1) Observing Objectives – making sure you set your objectives at the start of the project will ensure you don’t waste time on what doesn’t work

2) Layering – creating a tiered structure will help you to scale your code and write tests that can pinpoint what they need to much easier

3) Decoupling Tests From Implementation Details – decoupling should be the goal of refactoring if it’s true with code it’s also true with tests

4) Extracting the Benefits of BDD and Integration Testing – get the ubiquitous language of BDD and the depth and coverage of Integration Testing

5) Domain and Framework Separation – probably one of the biggest problems in code bases, the framework you use is just another application; treat it so

This is the Screencast…