Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· ahmednaguib

getting started with python 3.3 on windows

Today , I started my journey with python and I thought to share it with you . I will start with quick installation tips and then the famous hello world example .

Installation Tips

-Download the Python Windows installer from :

-Run the installer and make sure to remember the installation path . Mine is : C:\Python33

After that you will need to add python to your system environment variables , if you don’t know how to do it , you really should as it becomes more handy in many situations , I will show you how :
-Right click on My Computer, select Properties then Advanced system settings and choose Environment Variables

-In the System Variables box, find the path variable and click on the “Edit…” button

-In the “Variable value” box, add the following to the end :

;C:\Python33;C:\Python33\Scripts ( if you have installed Python elsewhere, just change the path structure).

-Click “OK” and you are good to go .

Creating Hello world app :

Now you create file in anywhere, I will create mine at :


add the following code to the file just a simple line :

print("hello world !")

now open a new command line ( just type cmd in start ) go to the path above by using cd command

cd c:\hello-example\ 

now use python to run the code in the file :


the result will be :

hello world !

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great!!! hey can u suggest me how to find some good open source projects for beginners in python...

over 1 year ago ·

Check this website :
Choose python and see if you can find anything. They are always open for contribution.

over 1 year ago ·