Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· Sam_Smith

Choosing Software Solutions

A question I'm often asked, "How should companies pick software solutions?" The answer to this question will vary a lot depending on who you speak to in the company. For example, consider all the different large file transfer solutions (e.g. Aspera, Innorix, Catalyst, etc.) available to companies. If you ask a developer he might recommend the software with the greatest developer community following. While a manager a few levels up is looking at bottom line costs. I think the true answer lies with the end user and their interaction with the technology. If actors in different departments of a company are all looking at the short-sighted solution (i.e. this fits my needs) they will definitely create a ripple in workplace efficiency. The greater communication between a companies developers and their understanding of the end user's need, the better and easier the software solution will become.