Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· satish860

Javascript next version is here and it needs your feedback

javascript next version(EcmaScript 6) is here and the specs are already out.It adds lots of great features to the language and it is our responsibility to provide the feedback as a community to take it forward.

If you are language expert and want to read the spec it is available in

If you want to read the features and understand it from the implementer perspective .

If you like to experiment the Es6 features then you can use the library called Traceur .

It is easy to get started with the traceur . Add the script to the script tags and add a another script type as module - This is to cheat the browser not to evaluate the script coming in

<script type="module">
 var add=(a,b)=>a+b;

This script above uses the arrow operator instead of the function syntax . If you are in .net or java space it uses the lambda syntax for assigning the function .You can use the Plunker below and experiment with the language.

EcmaScript discussions happen publicly over here . And you can provide feedbacks on the same space.