Last Updated: March 02, 2016
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Automatic wiring & schematic creation tool for programmer


Complete all processes necessary to design hardware using only mille-feuille. Mille-feuille is a support tool that allows even someone with no previous knowledge of hardware to automatically create electronic schematics and firmware (The created schematic does not contain the circuits of the mille-feuille itself). It is used in connection with a Raspberry Pi A+, B+ or 2.

1, With its automatic wiring function, mille-feuille sets up everything for you without any need for soldering – including firmware used to operate your hardware.

2, All the user has to do is write an simple operation program in PHP or Python without difficult firmware.

[PHP sample code : Analog Read]

include ("milpython/mil_analog.php");
$dataCh0 = readAD(0);
$dataCh1 = readAD(1);

[Python sample code]
from mil import mil
from mil import milMod
from mil import AD2ch

modA = milMod.milMod(AD2ch.getAddr(),AD2ch.getIOs())

dataCh0 = AD2ch.analogRead(0)
dataCh1 = AD2ch.analogRead(1)
# if you want to disconnect or change the device, use disconnect command.

3, The last step is to use the automatic schematic creation tool and upload information about the device connected to mille-feuille to our server. A schematic for wiring the Raspberry Pi and device, without the mille-feuille’s own circuits, is then created when you import the EAGLE CAD Script generated by the server into your CAD application.

Mille-feuille serves as your hardware engineer, and makes prototype development easy for everyone.

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