Last Updated: April 08, 2016
· bhaskerkode

Startup diary Day #2

installing go from source. turns out 1.6 requires atleast 1.4

git clone
cd go
git checkout go1.4
cd src && ./all.bash

/Users/bosky/go/src/cmd/6c/txt.c:995:28: error: shifting a negative signed value is undefined [-Werror,-Wshift-negative-value]

Ok so much for installing from source. Plan B. Just installed using the mac dmg.

Installed brew.

Created an account on bitbucket & a repo. $0.
Created an account on semaphoreCI & connected the repo. $0 for 100 builds/month
2 commits later - and after changing the path to run go build, test in the UI - builds passing.

Hello world passing the build. Nice to see semaphore CI has a way to deploy successful builds as well.

Now checking out how to get release branches to push to AWS. CI/CD FTW!