Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· stevehalford

Stop using GitX and start using GitX

The command line is still the best git client but I also like to use a GUI sometimes, usually before a commit so I can more easily see what's changed.

The best free git GUI for OS X is definitely GitX but the version that you've probably already come across is not the best version of GitX.

The original version developed by Pieter de Bie hasn't been updated for three years, but a fork, developed by Rowan James, is still under constant development (as of today the last commit was three days ago), and has some nice UI enhancements as well as other under the hood improvements to remove some of the legacy code.

Get it here

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Is there a Meld-grade integrated diffing tool in this? Merging changes is just about the only hard thing about command-line git, and that's what keeping me from using tools like Git Tower and the like.

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