Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· gdeer81

Try Clojure

Here is a link to the first problem on 4Clojure which is a site that can get you up to speed with interactive problems:

That one should be easy enough for anyone, but problem two gets a little bit more difficult:

(= (- 10 (* 2 3)) __)

If you're a Java programmer you would write this as:
int n = 0;
n = 10 - 2 * 3;
assert n == 4;

but if you weren't up on your order of operation, you would have to think, "is this 8 time three or ten minus six?"

But in Clojure you know that the nested list gets evaluated first so it is 10 -6

The next way you can easily try Clojure is to do the Clojure Koans:

clone the repo, run the script, and achieve enlightenment.

Now that you've gotten a taste of Clojure, feel free to stop by the IRC channel #clojure in freenode and say hi.