Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· filipekiss

List the modified files on your repository

So you're there, working for five or six hours and then, for some reason, you need a list of the files you modified. So you log them:

git whatchanged --since="6 hours ago"

But imagine you've worked around thousand files. So how do you list only the file names?

First, let's compact our output:

git whatchanged --since="6 hours ago" --format=oneline

Now, we need to get only the lines that have filenames on it, so we'll use grep for that:

git whatchanged --since="6 hours ago" --format=oneline | grep "^:"

Now let's remove all that trash and get just the filenames. For that, we'll use sed:

git whatchanged --since="6 hours ago" --format=oneline | grep "^:" | sed 's:.*[DAM][ \\''t]*\([^ \\''t]*\):\1:g'

And there you have it. The regex makes sure that only the file name is return (with a few spaces on the begginig of the line. that never bothered me but can easily be removed with another sed) and you can copy that to wherever you need it.