Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· Andrew Stilliard

jsfiddle diff

jsfiddle is working on a really awesome diff system, but until its out you can your free to use this quick tool i built here:

And here's a javascript bookmarklet i use when i'm on a jsfiddle page to compare it to its previous revision:

javascript:(function(e,a,g,h,f,c,b,d){if(!(f=e.jQuery)||g>f.fn.jquery||h(f)){c=a.createElement("script");c.type="text/javascript";c.src=""+g+"/jquery.min.js";c.onload=c.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!b&&(!(d=this.readyState)||d=="loaded"||d=="complete")){h((f=e.jQuery).noConflict(1),b=1);f(c).remove()}};a.documentElement.childNodes[0].appendChild(c)}})(window,document,"1.9.0",function($,L){if (location.href.match(/ !== null) {    var url2 = location.href.replace('', ''),        url1 = url2.replace(/\/(\d+)\/$/, function (match, revNum) {            return '/' + (revNum-1) + '/';        });    location.href = ''+ url1 +'&url2='+ url2;} else {    alert('Your not on jsfiddle...');}});