Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· volontarian

Convention: Tag RubyGems Tweet about your Gem Release and "tiny link" Changelog Diff

@rubygems is tweeting the description of the gemspec for each release.

So you can add hashtags to your description and I also recommend to add a link to a Diff of the at the end if present.

voluntary.gemspec do |s|
  s.summary     = 'Crowdsourcing management system for Rails'
  s.description = '#Crowdsourcing management system for #Ruby on #Rails changes:'

The tweet looks like this


P.S.: How to get a "rich diff" of a

Visit the GitHub show page of the commit and then copy the address of the link "Display the rich diff" shown in the image:


You now need a short customized URL e.g. from bitly (you need to be signed in).
Then you can create a new short URL by pasting the address in the field at the top with the placeholder "Paste a long URL here to shorten...", press enter, input the gem name plus version like this "#{name}-#{major}-#{minor}-#{patch}" in the keyword-field with the placeholder "customize" located in the right sidebar and press "Save".