Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· himade

iOS Push Notification Setup with Appcelerator Titanium Tutorial

Hey everyone, yesterday I spent about 3 hours in total trying to figure out how to setup push notifications using Appcelerator Titanium and Appcelerator Cloud Services. The docs were a good start, but there was just a couple of things that weren't covered in the docs. Maybe it might just be that I am new to it, but I want to help those in the same situation. On a side note, I tried to do the Android GCM setup but was having difficulties generating a key from the keytool. Once I figure that out I will also add that tutorial.

Steps to get setup on iOS Push Notification Setup for you application in Appcelerator
1. Create your project and enable cloud services ( this will create your connection to ACS and the portal where you would input your push notification settings, as well as send out push notifications via web form.

  1. Head over to and ADD your app id to the "Identifiers" section of your Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles sections.