Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· blakmatrix

node-migrator-bot and Pull Requests

Do not blindly accept Pull Requests from node-migrator-bot without first considering the code changes proposed. The changes made are only as good as can be programmed, and lack the human element.

Side effects may include human error, changes to code that isn't even used, lack of backwards-compatible code, redundant or "moronic" changes to backwards-compatible or over-engineered code, and perhaps more.

What does not change is YOUR choice to or not to merge the request. Or to even acknowledge the Pull Request in the first-place. What also doesn't change is the good intentions meant by the bot and the bots operator.

To the haters; don't hate, that just puts people in a sour mood and accomplishes very little. Instead channel your real thoughts or ideas to change what you dislike, and perhaps make your own fork or contribution.

Most people find this tool very useful, if not insightful... there are currently 8300+ npm repos on Github, with various maintainers, and it might take a while for such news of deprecation or removal of certain changes in the latest stable release of node to reach everyone through the usual forms of communication said maintainers use.

If I have offended anyone with a Pull Request, I'm sorry, if you want to do something about it, be constructive and open an issue and/or make a fork or a contribution of your own to .