Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· DamonOehlman

Use taskify to simplify complex JS execution flows

Working in an asynchronous environment is both a blessing and a curse, and while I'm a strong advocate of using async operations where ever possible in Node it can turn your code into a bit of a mess.

Typically I tend to use things like async.parallel combined with bind to improve readability but that still tends to feel like I'm writing more boilerplate code that I should have to after a while.

It struck me the other day while working with Jake that both Jake and Grunt both make defining tasks feel a little less painful than the approach than I have been using to date. Thus I set out to create a small library (that works both for node and in the browser) that allows you to define tasks and their preconditions and execute them flexibly.

The result feels like a bit of a love child of Jake and Grunt, and I think works pretty well. Rather than repeat myself here, I've tried to include a reasonable amount of detail in the README.

Any thoughts or feedback are definitely welcome (and appreciated).

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Love it - I think there is something big in this to get everyone out of "chained event listener hell" (trademark!).

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