Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· shovon

Ignoring the First Element When Looping an Array in CoffeeScript

I really like CoffeeScript's expressive for-loop. Instead of initializing an index and then incrementing it as you loop through, CoffeeScript's for-loop, by default, serves the same purpose as a foreach loop in other languages, such as C#.

However, you can't skip the first element without doing a check. Fortunately, JavaScript's Array object has a built-in slice method that will provide you with an array with elements removed.

Hence, we can use it to ignore the first element.

for el in arr.slice(1)
    console.log el

As a corollary, you can also ignore the last element as well.

for el in arr.slice(0, arr.length - 1)
    console.log el

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