Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· durango

Easy deployment to Gemfury for NPM modules

Useful little script that I made, figured someone else might need it. Basically looks for the name and version attributes in package.json, and then it builds your package from there. I've added fury yank since I often develop with just the same version of 0.0.1 all of the time.


NAME_CMD := cat package.json | grep -m 1 -o '"name":\s*"\([^"]\)*"' | sed 's/"name":[^"]*"\(.*\)"$$/\1/'
VERSION_CMD := cat package.json | grep -m 1 -o '"version":\s*"\([^"]\)*"' | sed 's/"version":[^"]*"\(.*\)"$$/\1/'

build clean : PACKAGE_NAME:=$(shell ${NAME_CMD})
build : PACKAGE_VERSION:=$(shell ${VERSION_CMD})

    rm -rf ./node_modules
    rm -rf ./${PACKAGE_NAME}*.tgz

pack: clean
    npm pack

build: pack
    fury yank ${PACKAGE_NAME} --version=${PACKAGE_VERSION}
    curl -F package=@${PACKAGE_NAME}-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tgz${KEY}/

.PHONY: clean pack build

Simply type make build to deploy.

Note: I removed a lot of '@' symbols that prepends a few of the commands (such as npm, rm, etc.) since Coderwall was globbing it up and turning it into a literal <a href=""> link. If you want to silence the output simply type in make -s build