Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· endel

Push changes to your current branch directly from VIM

That's a shortcut I've been using for a while to push my commits to the current branch that I'm working on.

" ~/.vimrc
" Write COMMIT_EDITMSG and push to current branch
function! PushToCurrentBranch()
  exe ":Gwrite"
  let branch = fugitive#statusline()
  let branch = substitute(branch, '\c\v\[?GIT\(([a-z0-9\-_\./:]+)\)\]?', $BRANCH.' \1', 'g')
  exe ":Git push origin" . branch

" Map gwp keys to call the function
nnoremap gwp :call PushToCurrentBranch()<CR>

It assumes that you are on :Gstatus buffer.

You can check out my entire VIM configuration here: https://github.com/endel/.vim/