Last Updated: September 09, 2019
· pixeladed

Web development process

This can be your side projects, your web app or just or personal website.

Step 1: Function

This is a very important step to do. The first thing you should always do is to think of what your website gonna do. Is it going to show your works, share code snippet or advertising a product... This is vital. Make sure that your ideas are unique and it's a good idea.

Step 2: Requirement

Next step, you need to think about what you are going to need. eg: Nodejs, ruby, less, haml... Consider a numbers of technology and choose the best one for you. You may use haml with less and nodejs or nodejs with peerjs (maybe derbyjs, sharejs)...

Step 2.5: Base elements

This is 1/2 of a step but I recommended you to do this. List out all the element you're going to have (must have) in your website. eg: Your web app need a login/signup button, portfolio need contact details... Have it as long as you like but I suggest 15 to 20 elements.

Step 3: Design + front-end

Design the website and develop front-end. *Notes: Do some prototyping until you're really satisfy. Use the elements you listed from step 2.5

Step 4: Server-side

Choose a server-side technology that's most effective with your work eg: Realtime app may use Nodejs....

Step 5: Off you go

Publish you website and do some marketing. You're done