Last Updated: February 27, 2016
· ardethian

Converting file:/// protocol to http://localhost during web development for testing purposes

As a developer working under his Localhost server before uploading a project to the WWW, I've encountered one issue (or a disturbance, so to speak) that somehow always takes away 3-4 seconds of my time and disturbs my workflow.

After opening a web document in Windows from Windows Explorer, whether if its an html file, PHP file or anything else, Google Chrome opens it under file:// protocol instead of http://, resulting in developers clicking on the address bar just to switch to http://localhost for testing purposes (Ajax/XHR requests etc).

After a while of doing that over and over and over again, I've decided to put an end to the countless clicks and backspaces, and created a Chrome Extension that does it for me.

It called Localhost Automate.

Localhost Automate provides an easier, more comfortable way to tell the browser to get the http://localhost up there instead of file://, as long as the web document is in the preconfigured folder.

Localhost Automate requires you to input a valid path to your localhost folder (ie. d:\wwwroot), so afterwards, if you're opening a file under 'd:\wwwroot\SomeProject', the extension would redirect it to 'http://localhost/SomeProject'.

The extension is here - link

And the Github Repo is here - link

Any suggestions/comments/issues are welcome. :)

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need a '/' after localhost in your javascript

over 1 year ago ·

Thank you stevensmann, I've updated my code thanks to your issue submission. :)

over 1 year ago ·