Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jmarizgit

Are you missing "sudo" on commands in terminal? Don't worry.

Sometimes you are in your terminal and need to type a command that requires you to have root powers. Well I don't know you, but I sometimes forget to put sudo in front of those commands. Look at this example:

$ rm somefile
rm: somenewfile: Permission denied

I have some options here. I could retype the entire command or use arrow up and go to the beginning of the line adding "sudo" to it. But a better way to fix my mistake is using the operator "!!". Like this:

$ rm somefile
rm: somenewfile: Permission denied
$ sudo !!
$ sudo rm newfile 

Amazing, your file "newfile" is now removed.

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The history expansion character (! by default in bash) can do lots of cool things:
Formal reference:

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this is great :') thank you!

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