Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· bt3gl

Rooting and Pwning your Android

Rooting Nexus 4

A guide here.

You can make backup images with nandroid.

Useful Apps after Rooting

  • JuiceSSH

  • Android Tuner

  • BusyBox

  • Android Terminal Emulator

  • Battery Calibration

  • CatLog

  • DroidWall

  • DriveDroid

  • Fing

  • Greenify

  • Network Log

  • SD Maid

  • SuperSU

  • Wi.cap Network Sniffer

  • WiFinspect

Apps for Security

Installing Kali in Your Android


  • Need to be rooted.

  • Need to have USB debugging on.

  • Need to have enough free space (~5 GB) on the SD card.

Apps to be Installed

  • Linux Deploy

  • Zarchiver

  • Busybox

  • Android-VNC

  • Terminal Emulator


Open Linux Deploy and choose a new distribution (Kali). Change all the configuration you want.

Clique in "Install". It will take around 10 minutes.

Once it is ready, launch it and log in either from the terminal or from the GUI.

Logging in from the GUI:

Open AndroidVNC and choose a new configuration with

Nickname: android
password: changeme
address: your android ip
port: 5900
username: username chosen from the installation
color format: 24-bit
local mouse pointer, and force full-screen

Connect and Done!

Logging in from the Terminal

$ ssh android@YOURIP
$ sudo su
$ df
$ apt-get update

Don't forget to close the connection in the Linux Deploy when you are done.