Last Updated: May 27, 2020
· austinginder

Gmail backup to Dropbox

Download python source of <a href="">got-your-back</a> and extract contents somewhere. I store in the following location:


Create the following command file and save it somewhere.


cd ~/Dropbox/Backup/Personal/Gmail/gyb/
python --email --backup --folder ~/Dropbox/Backup/Personal/Gmail/austinginder

Use crontab to schedule the command file to run on a daily basis. I'm using CronniX on OSX. Here is the script I'm running

sh ~/Dropbox/Backup/_jobs/backup-gmail.command > ~/Dropbox/Backup/_jobs/backup-gmail.txt


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Thanks for the tip.

A few months ago I switched to online service call CloudHQ, I am no longer running the backup script. In addition backing up Gmail, it's also backing up my Evernote and Google Drive to Dropbox.

over 1 year ago ·