Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· alixaxel

Search for Domain Names using Regular Expressions

Dear Hackers (and curious people)!

We all know how much of a burden it can be to find a domain name that we like and it's available for registration. Practices such as domain sniping, squatting or tasting can really hurt our wallets, or our motivation to pursue that cool idea we have stored in the back of your minds, if only we could find a good enough name for it...

To make this infuriating process a bit less frustrating, I've created, which is a domain name search engine that allows you to use (almost) the full power of regular expressions and a growing list of curated ontologies aka "sets" - like animals, colors, cities, and so on. Both of these features can be combined (or used individually to search up to 50,000 domain name records from a single search query and in just a few seconds.

To navigate the sheer volume of the matches there's also a powerful filtering system that you can use to quickly filter by length and availability (or lack of! Pssst: this is great for market / competitor research) of either one or all of the selected TLDs.

We read from the zone files so all searches are guaranteed to remain private.

I hope that you like namegrep and, hopefully, find an cool domain name with it! :)