Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· arivazhagan

Webparts in Sharepoint 2013

Webparts are the building blocks of Sharepoint pages. The main aim of webparts are make the contents more moduler and easy to manage.

Webparts and its categort i used as below,

  1. Content Editor - Media and Content

    Most used webpart of all the time, almost all the pages i create.

  2. Script Editor - Media and Content

    Generally used it for create quick/simple snippet on the fly

  3. Query String (URL) Filter - Filters

    Filter the content based on Query String parameter,
    Content is most list data.

  4. Current user filter - Filters

    Filter the content on the page based on logged in user, This will save you from bug chunk of javascript snippet to filter the data.

  5. Content Search - Content Rollup

    Based on the search content metioned on the webpart it pull the data from site level / list level dynamically and give more flexibility over the content by Display template [controller and item template]

  6. Custom Webpart

    Take over the control of all content of the webpart and modify all the sharepoint controls

To be continue ..