Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· faulancer

Storage.js - localStorage on steroids

Storage.js is the result of the pain using the default localStorage and sessionStorage api interface and possibilities.

Inspired by Redis, I created a wrapper with the same api methods but localStorage as the storage container.


var db ="mydb");

db.set("mykey", 1);


db.get("mykey"); // 2

// Lists

db.rpush("mylist", "item1");
db.rpush("mylist", "item2");
db.lpush("mylist", "item3");

db.get("mylist");  // ["item3", "item1", "item2"]

// hashes

db.hset("myhash", "myfield", 1);
db.hmset("myhash", "myfield-1", "value-1", "myfield-2", "value-2");

db.hkeys("myhash"); // ["myfield", "myfield-1", "myfield-2"]
db.hvals("myhash"); // [1, "value-1", "value-2"]

db.hget("myhash", "myfield"); // 1

db.get("myhash"); // {"myfield":1, "myfield-1":"value-1", "myfield-2":"value-2"}

** implemented methods**

set, get, exists, del, type, append, incr, decr, 
llen, lpush, rpush, lset, lindex,
hset, hget, hgetall, hexists, hkeys, hvals, hlen, hincrby, hmset, hmget

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