Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· shiva

Some git basic commands

Some basic git commands trying to explain in single line ..

git add --all (adds all modified and unstaged files)
git add docs/.txt (directoy and file formats to add)
git add docs/ (add all the files in the directory)
git add "
.txt" (add all the files in the whole project)

Staging and remotes

git diff --staged (view staged difference)

git reset HEAD <filename> (unstage the files ,HEAD refers to last commit,current branch)

git checkout -- <Filename> (blow away all changes since last commit)

git commit -a -m "commit message" (-a add changes from all tracked files,doesn't add new untracked files)

undoing a commit (dont do these after push)

git reset --soft HEAD^ (soft -reset into staging.^ move to
commit before head i.e last commit)

git reset --hard HEAD^ (undo last commit and all changes .. only if something went horribly )

git reset --hard HEAD^^ (undo last 2 commits and all changes)

sharing coding

git remote add <name> <address>
git remote add origin https://address (add:new remote,origin: our name for this remote(can be any name))

git remote -v (show remote reps)

forgot to add a file in commit

git add <filename>
git commit --amend -m "message" (amend adds to the last commit)

git push -u origin master(origin: remote rep name, master:local branch to push)

git remote rm <name> (remove remotes)

git pull

merging a branch to master
git checkout master
git merge branch_name