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defaults read ~/Library/Logs/ will also get you the date when it was first added (to be synced) and you will find some idea of when it was joined like this

lastJoinedBySystemAtWeek = 1045;
lastJoinedByUserAt = "2021-01-10 12:42:28 +0000";

but the data is not there for all entries and (only) has a granularity of a week. It might be a starting point for you. Have fun exploring.

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I'm not sure when but they moved the network list from the system library to each user's library to make it sync over iCloud. I edited the pro tip to accommodate the changes. Try it out.

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Nice idea.I made it more copy & paste friendly by removing dependency to the name.

standup = !clear && git log --since '1 day ago' --no-merges --pretty=format':%C(yellow)%h %aN%n %B%n' --author $(git config --global --get
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