Last Updated: September 02, 2019
· kenton

Git logs for your daily standup

Cool way to see what you might want to mention during your daily standup:

$ git log --since '1 day ago' --oneline --author <YOUREMAIL>

You can even save this as an alias in your .git/config or globally in your ~/.gitconfig

So something like this in either config file:

standup = log --since '1 day ago' --oneline --author <YOUREMAIL>

And of course, you can customize this to your heart's content. Just check out the docs on the 'git log' command:

Here's mine:

standup = !clear && git log --since '1 day ago' --no-merges --pretty=format':%C(yellow)%h %aN%n %B%n' --author Kenton

(clears the screen, prints git log of my commits since one day ago while ignoring merge commits, using a customized format)


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Nice idea.I made it more copy & paste friendly by removing dependency to the name.

standup = !clear && git log --since '1 day ago' --no-merges --pretty=format':%C(yellow)%h %aN%n %B%n' --author $(git config --global --get
over 1 year ago ·

Here is a solution to find out what you also did on Friday on the following Monday.

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