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Hi rockie667,

Yes, putting the settings.php in the .gitignore was what I meant. Sounds like you did it correctly.

I had trouble with the CSS showing up for a few different reasons. If you are using the Domain Access module like I talked about in the article, then make sure you follow those instructions.

The second reason for CSS not showing up is that you need to clear the cache once you get your site working locally. You should be able to do this through the admin interface by going to Configuration > Performance > Clear all caches

If this still doesn't fix your CSS problem, take a look at the source of the page and look at the path that your CSS files have. If the path is different from what your local path should be, there must be a setting somewhere that is incorrect. I'm not an expert at this particular problem, but I would suggest that you look in your settings.php file because it might be telling the site to use a certain path or something like that. Maybe the cookie_domain setting is wrong or something?

I hope this helps!

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