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Posted to Try RubyGems 2.0 over 1 year ago

Why people should not try other tools? Is there anything wrong with Rubygems - can you open tickets for Rubygems for the things that you think that are preventing people from using Rubygems and it's Gemfile support?

For long time I was under impression that Bundler will be slowly merging into Rubygems and that both teams were in agreement on that. But right now when part of the work is already done I see you (@indirect) are against the idea of merging. I have to say that hurts me as basically community has now to duplicate efforts on both tools. Is there any reason why we should not continue on improving also Rubygems support for Gemfile's?

Posted to Create vagrant boxes easily (Veewee) over 1 year ago

veewee is back to fast gem releases, it is enough to gem install veewee now

Posted to Cleanup RVM over 1 year ago

do not forget - rvm gemset globalcache enable

Posted to Installing ruby 2.0.0 with RVM over 1 year ago

@i3zhe check rvm issues or open new one if the problem was not mentioned there yet =>

Posted to Installing ruby 2.0.0 with RVM over 1 year ago

in the latest updates for RVM it is enough to:

rvm get head
rvm pkg remove
rvm install ruby
Posted to no more `bundle exec` over 1 year ago

@justinko binstubs require an additional action (adding to PATH), it's not fully safe as someone can add bin/rake to your project with malicious code. Also binstubs are less intelligent, it's just a brute force - when in project use binstubs, you would need to reedit your PATH to not include ./bin/ in case you would like to run command that is in Gemfile but you do no want to run it in context of the project.

There is a tool that automates the process a bit more: and it has support for .travis.yml.

Posted to Don't force your privates up my face over 1 year ago

please update the tags with ruby - I found the same problem while codding ruby, never could understand why private definitions would have to be on top of the class.

Posted to Try RubyGems 2.0 over 1 year ago

try - it's not all, it does not include the described feature, but should be good overview of the fixed problems

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