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Posted to Simple Random Password in Symfony 2 over 1 year ago

You should mention that if someone uses this he needs FOSUserBundle too.

Posted to Execute previous commands over 1 year ago

If you press ctrl+R and then start typing you can search in your command history.

Posted to Search text in directory over 1 year ago

I use this function:

function findr
    grep -RnisI $1 .;

Use it like this:

$> findr "Find me"

Posted to Change Ownership over 1 year ago

Your first example is not exactly right. The second {username} is not username but the group's name. Note that there are groups with every user's name but you change it to something like www if you'd like to allow your webserver to handle the files.

sudo chown -R {username}:{group} {target_file}


Posted to Nice compact and colorized git log over 1 year ago

Or you can use tig which is capable of doing a bunch of more things too.

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