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You have the filter function on the $scope, which doesn't work.

You need to wire up your module like so:

angular.module('myApp', []).filter('sortcriteria', function(chapters) {
  // ...

@clouddueling: if you're in Chrome and you need to debug minified code, you can do two things:

1) Go to the Scripts tag in Dev Tools, and click on the pause icon to turn on "Pause on exceptions".

2) Click on the two curly braces icon to turn on "Pretty print".

Now, you should be able to see where your page is erroring out.

From what your error describes, I'm guessing it may be .config(function($routeProvider) { ...}); which got minified to .config(function(b) { ... });. Just a guess!

@adria: Sure, that's fair. Unfortunately, it's hard to know what 'B' actually is. You'd have to do a search for any services that's not wrapped within an array. Or use ngmin to automatically wrap them for you.

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