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This looks like an error with the bundler gem not being installed.

You can install bundler manually by ssh'ing into the server as the deploy user and running gem install bundler. Try the deployment after bundler has successfully installed.

BTW, this guide is out of date. has an excellent basic server setup guide which is much more up-to-date.

Hopefully this helps!

From the stack trace, looks as though you don't have a database.example.yml file. Copy your database.yml file to a database.example.yml, removing any credentials.

I appreciate you pointing that out. While I put this together to aid others in getting their applications deployed, I did not intend for it to be an end all guide. I would hope anyone who uses this guide, uses it as a boilerplate and customizes any settings to fit their needs. Anything that doesn't make sense, please review the nginx/unicorn/capistrano documentation.

Thanks for the comment sean!

I am strapped for time, but I hope this helps. Be sure to post the solution if you find one! Thanks :)

See the rbenv installation instructions section.

Or if you'd like to install from source

There's been quite a few write-ups on digital ocean since I wrote this, so try googling around. You can patch together resources.

You'll need to remove the rvm-capistrano gem, as well as the require line from your deploy.rb file. There are likely more settings you need to change, but you can follow the error messages. Shouldn't be too difficult.

This is a somewhat outdated article on zero downtime deployment I ran across. It could be of some help to you.

Zero downtime deployments with git capistrano nginx and unicorn

Excellent, thanks for this!

You're more than welcome, hope it can be of some help to you!

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