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Posted to Forgiving ruby over 1 year ago

Sounds like gigantic security vulnerability to me. :)

Posted to Abandoning opera after 15 years... over 1 year ago

I wrote a paper on browser wars a couple of years ago. Opera was the winner in most disciplines, except market share - and shortly I became a user. I switched to Mac and hence Safari 3 years ago, and every time I tried to go back to Opera it has been a significant disappointment.

I still sometimes use Dragonfly to debug some serious Javascript + CSS issues with breeze.

Had the same experience 2 weeks ago. A lot of projects are jumping to Ruby 1.9.3+ or even to 2.0.0, and also Rails 4. I do not mind the upgrade so much as the hassle of so many undocumented edge cases.

Thanks for the post!

Nice one.

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