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Posted to sass nesting over 1 year ago

@corysimmons, hard to manage. It’s just a common sense rule to keep the specificity of your selectors to a minimum.

You are totally right, thank you! I had to change the post a bit, in order to render the regex correctly… Again, thank you!

Posted to Commit like you're tweeting over 1 year ago

Exactly. And I must stress this good practice even farther with a little reading.

@odyniec, yes, that's a very good approach. However, I've had some cases where that approach is not enough. When you want a more descriptive scenario about what's wrong in the server-side, experience showed me this to be a good approach. But it's clearly a personal preference, I must stress.

@adevore3, fixed, thanks. :)

@hpoom, that's a great tip too! I'll definitely look into that, and update this protip. Thanks!

@stas, added! Thank you for the contribution. :)

Posted to Don't bother with `parseInt` over 1 year ago

What @fardjad said. Otherwise, Douglas Crockford will come out from the browser console and tear you apart!

Great tip, thank you!
I ended up creating a Codepen out of this, in order to keep it for later. All credit goes to you. Check it out here:

Awesome tip :D

Posted to Dashboard layout in Android over 1 year ago

Link's down.

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