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Just use the native filter functions, such as
They're available since PHP 5.2!

Posted to PHP Private Class Member Visibility over 1 year ago

Your tip maks no sense at all. It's the expected behaviour, since you're injecting an instance of a class (== object) with all it's attributes and methods.

Posted to 'sudo' after opening the file over 1 year ago

Awesome tip, thanks for that. I'd remove the "rails" tag tho, since this tip is useful to any file type.

Posted to Check/Fix your PHP code - PSRs over 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback.
That's why the title has "PSRs" in it. The idea was to make a concise title, but giving the idea that in this tip you find a tool that fix your mistakes related to the PSRs.

Any other code problems should be fixed by the programmer anyway, so...

Great tip, never heard of it before. =)

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