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Coding at @applicake & @credictive at Applicake
Coding at @applicake & @credictive
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Thanks very much sir!

Mvim works great. It doesn't work for Sublime Text 2, but maybe I'm missing something

:( @sobrinho have you tried to run truncation only for javascript examples? In your pastie it was for request type...

@sobrinho thanks! I'm keeping it as a gist here

Awesome! The link is broken, btw...

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Cool idea!

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@hauleth yeah, I use this too :) but when you need more code around, this might be useful at some point

@clarete definitely my os version :-) thanks!

It's weird, for me it shows that -w is not a valid option... Any ideas?

Always forget this. Thanks!

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and you can reset to any of those reflogs.

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