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Posted to Fabric and Celery can be friends! over 1 year ago

Hi binithb, please see this link for what Fabric has to offer in terms of password management.

That being said, I always find it safer / better to use keypairs =)

Posted to Edit and encrypt a file with VIM over 1 year ago

Note that when you set the encryption, it'll open the file for you in normal mode. :w in order to save your encryption (or :wq or :x), don't just :q otherwise your file won't be encrypted.

Posted to Why use CoffeeScript? over 1 year ago

Learning a new language like coffeescript has several benefits. It's similar in analogy (but at a much smaller scale) as moving from C to Python. Your code becomes instantly more readable and less error prone. You get more powerful constructs like list comprehensions and other things that are just outside of the realm of the other language without some 3rd party library. Furthermore, in 6 months when you are trying to fix a bug a client found or are trying to get someone else adapted to the code base, the forced formatting and overall legibility makes for a much easier transition. I was skeptical at first, but I've embraced it.

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