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Jakub Zuchowski

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Oh my, I'd never alias a "rm rf" even if someone put a pistol to my head.

Posted to Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet over 1 year ago

Everything that helps complete newbies start working with Rails and see what it's all about is a welcome addition.
Cheat Sheets like this can even come handy for advanced Railers when performing sanity checks (a.k.a. "checking out the basic basics, because everything else fails")

Simple, does not clutter your actual code. I like it.

@burntime oh, I did not know that app. Thank you very much!

@phlipper afaik brew also allows to use different versions of a package, after all it's a git wrapper. It may not be intuitive, but there's a way to get to all branches and commits in a package repo.
Still it's a shame macports and homebrew don't work together.

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