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Now how do we get these images to show up in the github commits when we push?

Just to prove I wasn't drunk when I made that patch.

Posted to How to edit long bash command over 1 year ago

Don't forget the other "readline" meta keys, such as CTRL-A and CTRL-E that move you to the begining and end of the line.

Posted to git merge --squash over 1 year ago

I like "git rebase -i" (interactive) You're prompted with a list of commits, and you can cherry pick right there, which ones to squash and which to keep. Even getting a chance to modify the commit messages. A great way to clean up a bunch of ugly commits into a few clean ones. Even if that means in the end you just squash it all into one commit, as --squash would have done.

There must be a way to get the same behavior while doing a classic merge instead of a rebase.

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