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Posted to SQL to Change WordPress Domain URL over 1 year ago

I do a manual search&replace in a downloaded SQL dump prior to uploading it :)
It is fast, simple and reliable.

The only trouble is if you have a premium theme with its own settings dashboard, those settings are stored as serialized data, and they include your site path, you may broke something.

Posted to Faster Ajax For WordPress over 1 year ago

usual ajax request via addaction( 'wpajax_...

the way author sugested

The first number is a responce. The lower is current memory usage.
So on my site this goes down from 18 mb per ajax request to 4-5 mb depending on needed functions.

That was in reply to jurgelenas

Posted to Metaboxes globales //WP. over 1 year ago

Было бы вежливо рядом с текстом, написанном на непонятном языке, написать и перевод на английском.
Но тут, скорее всего, так не принято(

what's the difference with this tip?

And still, quite nice idea to insert a link with ref id)

note for windows users
sublime closes itself on ctrl+shift+w

at least it does so on my computer)

Posted to Write HTML/CSS faster. over 1 year ago

zen is out-of-date, they do not update it anymore.

try using emmet, it has a all the same functionallity and much more

OK, great. Now try to transform this 'sanitized' URL back?

Some religious rules disallow you use urlencode()?

By the way, do you happen to know this guy?)

Posted to Make string url ready over 1 year ago

@michalkow than your solution lacks two things: regexps to handle all special chars and a solution to transform your converted URL back to text.

Posted to Make string url ready over 1 year ago

@spinache do you really think this solution can make a valid URL out of text? Try this: "some piece of text with ? and & andagain?"

Posted to Make string url ready over 1 year ago

why not to use buildin urlencode() for php and encodeURI() or encodeURIComponent() for js?

nope, this will not work in my case.
or I can figure out hov to make it work)

what I have is:
three custom taxonomies. Let them be color, size, and region.
initial URL is
I alter this link with addqueryarg, so it becomes

Next a user moves to page
addqueryarg will use '' if to skip second argument.
And the permalink still shows as ''

What I do now is I have several checks like if(isset($_GET['size'])) ...
This seems to be a way out for a short list of terms, but what if there are 20-30 terms?
Believe there should be a way to work with URL)

I'm avare of removequeryarg() function. It does not help in this case(

and how can you delete an argument from an URL?

say, I have such an UTL:

How to transform it into this: or

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