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Thanks, finally someone said the magic words... "never say never", that's the whole point of this pro-tip..

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your input and I do agree with you in all of those points, but I have come to use this in some cases, so I thought I'd share it here.

@epocsquadron You're right, if you have zencoding and you're doing this on an html file, they key combo will bring up the zencoding input box for you to use. Awesome tip!

Posted to Ruby: automatic get and set methods over 1 year ago

Hey, cool tip, just wanted to point something out:
Technically, without attr_accessor, you could still do:

class Phone
def model= ( model )
write_attribute(:model, model)
def model

And use it just as if you would've used attr_accessor:

require './Phone' #! import class
myphone = #! instantiate class Phone
myphone.model = "iPhone5" #! set model name
myphone.model #! get model name

That's actually a very nice tip! Thanks for sharing!

Posted to Don't overuse $(this) over 1 year ago

Great tip, but it can very well apply to all look-ups. If you're repeating the same selector on every line, just cache it on a variable and reuse the object returned the first time.

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