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@k33l0r thx for writing a better implementation :-) maybe with time it will land as default for travisci pro

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Finally - zeus solves one of the big disadvantage of ruby on rails development.

thanks Simon :-)

ps.: Did you find any issues with zeus (any gotchas that would be nice to consider before jumping in)

I've also noted that using gzip instad of bzip2 for compression get much better results for decompression ( in our case it gives another 8 seconds less for preparation phase).

This of course apply most when you host your files on hetzner server ( files size increase a little, from 114 MB to 123 MB)

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@galuszkak explain didn't give nothing interesting - not sure if postgres take into account custom functions plsql (or did something wrong)

Posted to Use IN instead of ANY in PostgreSQL over 1 year ago

@hubertlepicki in our case we would have to use 5 times LEFT OUTER JOIN in below function, witch are much slower in our case then IN (7 x times slower). I also see that if will follow your advice I would to have rewrite 3 other functions - I will not do this today :-).

Still I will remember about this - cause it might have sense sometimes to leave postgres to find the best strategy. Thanks

@minad yeah that's true - we also use hetzner for caching bundle bacause
1) it's much faster (but it will change after travis-ci infrastructure will be moved to us)
2) if you are not buying server especial for bundle cache, it's much cheaper

still Amazon S3 is more widely available

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