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Oops, it was there but because of the backticks in the command markdown was breaking.

Posted to Use Sublime Text 2 as Git mergetool over 1 year ago

@noon-ehos yes st3 works

Posted to Clean Postgres on Mac Mavericks over 1 year ago

Have a CoderWall on that? :)

Posted to Stylus is better than LESS and SASS over 1 year ago

@lunelson Stylus supports placeholders and @extend :P

Sorry for the late response, but thank you. I'll use this implementation in the future. :)

Neat idea. I've had mixed feelings about rem's. I tried using them but always seem to get inconsistent results with them. Maybe it's user error? :)

Posted to Different Types of Apps over 1 year ago

@dpashkevich I don't think the differences between something that looks like Bootstrap and something that looks like a native app (

From a visual standpoint, I'd call the GMail UI a web app.

TBH I see your point, but in day-to-day office use, it just became too confusing to refer to everything as a native, web, or hybrid app. I suppose because our workflow revolved around PhoneGapping everything and there wasn't a clear way to say, "Hey, this is the PhoneGap'd version and this is the pre-compiled version."

@emilnordh IE7 = .87% users. Screw them. :)

Btw great tip. Thanks so much.

Posted to Cascading Style Scheet over 1 year ago

Why not just use Normalize.css ? It's pretty thorough.

Yeah, CSS3 is great for making those pretty disc transitions. Here's Codrops showing off:

Posted to Retina-ready Web Graphics over 1 year ago

Nice. There's also a Stylus mixin that makes this completely painless and doesn't require an additional script. (Ctrl + F "Responsive")

Posted to Stylus is better than LESS and SASS over 1 year ago

@rstacruz Have you tried the CSS literal syntax?

TBH, media queries are a bit borked, but I've always found a way to make anything work.

You might also try "unquote" ( It helped me when trying to use variable widths in media queries.

Posted to Stylus is better than LESS and SASS over 1 year ago

I've thoroughly explored all of them and, yeah, Stylus owns the other 2 pretty hard.

It's clean syntax and the fact it can do everything else the other preprocessors can do (but cleaner and with a better "watch" function) is what sold me.


    background #000

cmd prompt

stylus -w

I posted this same sentiment on r/web_design and the majority of people use SCSS but couldn't provide a reason why it was better than Stylus in any way. They just use it, because.... well... just "because". :\

Posted to Make HTML elements resizable over 1 year ago

That demo is way more fun than it should be...... :(

Posted to Icon fonts over 1 year ago

@olilish Love that article. Semantic icon fonts ftw. Icon fonts are colorable too so they make a lot of sense for templates with different themes and such.

Posted to sass nesting over 1 year ago

Why? I've heard this a few times. Does it decrease compiling time or just make the code hard to manage?

Hey buddy, I think we've spoke via email a few times. I think I was the guy who pestered you into adding search by text instead of just by tag. Also I had problems with tagging new resources for a while. :)

I think Pineapple is an absolutely wonderful (probably the best) resource for web devs to go to find plugins and other assets.

Your updates look great and you are a really good designer and Rails dev who is putting a lot of TLC into pineapple. Keep up the great work man and will be the #1 resource for web tools. and kippt are very similar, they just cater different audiences, and if you've built Pineapple from scratch on your own, then you're awesome as I'm sure kippt has a decently sized team behind it.

These are great! Thanks for sharing!

Sounds awesome and like what I'm trying

Demo and doc plz. :)

Thanks. I wish Django had a multi-file uploader built into Admin though. :(

It's so tricky to get the hang and has sucky browser support because they've gone through a couple syntax iterations, but yeah, I'm excited about the day when vertically centering dynamic content is trivial and semantic. :}

Posted to CSS3 Buttons over 1 year ago

Nice one. Here's some more inspiration.

Posted to Jeet Framework over 1 year ago

@dpashkevich Thanks man. I'll be cleaning up the website, adding more doc and comparisons with other frameworks. I'm actually pretty happy with how lightweight it is. :}

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