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@grempe: It seems to have been removed. I can't seem to find when, but this project seems to provide at least the command. I've not tried it yet, though.

Edit: Found it. In commit 2496da48b34ee183b6873e090e91b0adf87cb674, brew-graph was moved to homebrew-boneyard. You can install the original with brew tap homebrew/boneyard, but it's probably better to use the aforementioned script, which tightly integrates with Homebrew, but hasn't been updated in years.

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A great enhancement to this would be to detect changes in the file and only recompile when there have been changes. Could do this by hashing the file, naming the output off gcc using the hash, and not executing gcc again if the output file exists.

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Mayhap I also submit Deano for use and improvement.

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Great tip. Used it just now to put a large number of small files on a Gist for consumption by others. Thanks!

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