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@mendrinos : As I said to @ronn235, it still working for me without having to use the command again. I think it's just in case there's a little mess up in the installation / upgrading process regarding network interfaces and not supposed to happened

@ronn235 : I'm afraid not 😃 you just have to run it once, the error should stop occurred after that .

@mintindeed : Mainly the problem for some reasons virtualbox stop letting vagrant manipulate the network interface. Restarting the virtual box process in osx and just the network manager in linux let vagrant use the command again .

Posted to Easy input inside label in ZF2 over 1 year ago

yep, we use formRownow and it's awesome .

Posted to Setup Macbook for Developer over 1 year ago

@kennethjohnbalgos I can't more +1 this request ;)

Posted to Real Javascript over 1 year ago

@somethingon I totaly agreed with you but it's important to notice it too ... without it it's like saying "hey lazer's saber is more powerfull to cut things than a knife" ...

Posted to Real Javascript over 1 year ago

@gavinblair jquery is 77% slower for me.

Posted to Real Javascript over 1 year ago

That's nicely false. using jQuery to get an element return a jQuery selector element with all the capability of it (using jQuery methods, ...) but a document.getElementById just get a DOM element.

So Yes, using a $('#myID') to just retreive a DOM element is a bad practise, but telling everybody it's the same that a getElementById is totaly WRONG.

Posted to Use the data-force attribute, Luke over 1 year ago

@reactiveraven but it modify the data API so you can make a .data('key') after this and get the good value. Even in another script ;)

Nice & helpfull. Thanx for the share

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