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Posted to Flightplan - deploy like a boss over 1 year ago

@pstadler, this is awesome. I was curious, and I was digging through your examples on the repo, but do you have a good method / approach for integrating Flightplan with a git hook callback?

I've tried a few things, but my ops skills are average at best. All I really want to do, for now, is have it exec the fly local on the server (or even simpler, just exec a gulp build, really).

Just curious if you have any suggestions. Thanks for sharing and building this, we're ramping up our deploy and I plan to definitely use the full features in this when we're ready.

This is great, thanks for sharing.

Was wondering, have you done much in the way of callbacks? For example, how to stop the commit if the jslint fails? Or, if I want to run a build script to minify scripts, how to wait for it to be done?

Thanks a lot for this. Very rad.

This was mine, just a bit different:
alias canaryunsafe='/Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary --disable-web-security'

Posted to View Folder Tree in MacOSX Terminal over 1 year ago

This is a better solution, really (just more features).

usage: tree [-acdfghilnpqrstuvxACDFQNSUX] [-H baseHREF] [-T title ] [-L level [-R]]
  [-P pattern] [-I pattern] [-o filename] [--version] [--help] [--inodes]
  [--device] [--noreport] [--nolinks] [--dirsfirst] [--charset charset]
  [--filelimit[=]#] [--si] [--timefmt[=]<f>] [<directory list>]
  ------- Listing options -------
  -a            All files are listed.
  -d            List directories only.
  -l            Follow symbolic links like directories.
  -f            Print the full path prefix for each file.
  -x            Stay on current filesystem only.
  -L level      Descend only level directories deep.
  -R            Rerun tree when max dir level reached.
  -P pattern    List only those files that match the pattern given.
  -I pattern    Do not list files that match the given pattern.
  --noreport    Turn off file/directory count at end of tree listing.
  --charset X   Use charset X for terminal/HTML and indentation line output.
  --filelimit # Do not descend dirs with more than # files in them.
  --timefmt <f> Print and format time according to the format <f>.
  -o filename   Output to file instead of stdout.
  -------- File options ---------
  -q            Print non-printable characters as '?'.
  -N            Print non-printable characters as is.
  -Q            Quote filenames with double quotes.
  -p            Print the protections for each file.
  -u            Displays file owner or UID number.
  -g            Displays file group owner or GID number.
  -s            Print the size in bytes of each file.
  -h            Print the size in a more human readable way.
  --si          Like -h, but use in SI units (powers of 1000).
  -D            Print the date of last modification or (-c) status change.
  -F            Appends '/', '=', '*', '@', '|' or '>' as per ls -F.
  --inodes      Print inode number of each file.
  --device      Print device ID number to which each file belongs.
  ------- Sorting options -------
  -v            Sort files alphanumerically by version.
  -r            Sort files in reverse alphanumeric order.
  -t            Sort files by last modification time.
  -c            Sort files by last status change time.
  -U            Leave files unsorted.
  --dirsfirst   List directories before files (-U disables).
  ------- Graphics options ------
  -i            Don't print indentation lines.
  -A            Print ANSI lines graphic indentation lines.
  -S            Print with ASCII graphics indentation lines.
  -n            Turn colorization off always (-C overrides).
  -C            Turn colorization on always.
  ------- XML/HTML options -------
  -X            Prints out an XML representation of the tree.
  -H baseHREF   Prints out HTML format with baseHREF as top directory.
  -T string     Replace the default HTML title and H1 header with string.
  --nolinks     Turn off hyperlinks in HTML output.
  ---- Miscellaneous options ----
  --version     Print version and exit.
  --help        Print usage and this help message and exit.
Posted to Bootstrap without all the debt over 1 year ago

Great post, thanks. Hadn't thought of using it that way.

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