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Posted to Use npm start to launch node app over 1 year ago

In your package.json specify the "main" key with the name of your startup script. Alternately, under the "scripts" object you can have a "start" key with similar values.

Here's an example package.json I used for a little toy site I hosted on Heroku.

Also, don't forget to check the docs. Here's a highlight from Nodejitsu:

Posted to Re-fire one-shot events in Batman.js over 1 year ago

Good looking out. Thanks.

Come downtown sometime and I'll buy you a beer.

@johnhatvani Nice tip. Thanks!

Posted to Proper URL path escaping in Cocoa over 1 year ago

Because stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding alone does not strictly conform to what can be escaped in arguments and you may end up with skipped, unencoded characters in your string. That would result in a malformed URL with incorrect parameters.

That would result in great sadness. And probably sadness as well.

This only opens things in macvim. You should change it to use $EDITOR.

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