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more than 1 branch can be added to the grep expression like "master\|develop\|current_branch"

@fiznool I was thinking of that myself today, thanks! I solved it with

ack -v "\s+master"

This Javascript lib that does this as well.

Hi EricM.

Yes, usually you will have an app.rb file. The app.rb file will have other requires and it probably loads up the app.

In this intro for example, the main file is called myapp.rb, you would use require 'myapp' in my example.

Let me know if this doesn't work for you.

Added, thanks anup27.

Not a silly question at all. It is interesting to know how other people deal with complexity and how teams manage branches. I've worked on 2 different companies since I've used Git to manage development for projects. This guide over here: it is essentially what we do.

In short, we create a develpment branch for every issue/bug we want to work on, and then merge into master. Most if not all the time, we simply forget or don't care to remove those development branches from our local repository, and thus can take up hard drive space. Also; it is useless to keep a 3 month old branch if it has been merged to master or no longer relevant.

There's a post from my friend here:[]=EnriqueVidal that lets you remove remote branches that have been merged to master, so you can keep things neat on the remote side as well.

Tl;dr version:

Sill question, maybe, but why not just work with 2, 3 or 4 if you really must branches?

This could work for a solo project, but on a 2+ man team, this would not work as well.

I can imagine large teams... very large teams - of maybe 15 - 30+ developers would have many branches to be reconciled, but this post states distinctly local work (so I assume, it's on one man's machine, or am I misinterpreting?

Not misenterpreting, rather we just have a different workflow, ( a branch per issue if you would like to think at it like that).

Nevertheless, I'm interested in how different people code in their own ways. Personally I may have master, development, and if I really must, a "messing around" branch. And no more.

In all of my 1 man projects I do it like that, if there's a team ( >1 ), I like to do the "diaspora" workflow I linked to.

I'm aware that you may be referring to exactly the way I do it - are you? In that case, this would be to clean up your dev branches from local after checking out, is that right?

I usually never need to clean up on my 1 man projects, on the others I do it around every 3 or 4 months.


:O agreed.thanks for the tip

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