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Try docker rmi $(docker images -f "dangling=true" -q) to remove unnamed images

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how do I set indent size = 2 spaces instead of 4 ?

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you can get even more power with zsh zle

or simply fc

I think this is bad idea, check
Also check basic vim navigation:
Ctrl - u half screen up
Ctrl - d half screen down
Ctrl - f screen up
Ctrl - b screen down

2h and 2l - total bizarre you should learn vim text objects and jump by word, sentence, paragraph etc...

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yah man + basic knowledge of vim - helps a lot

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Also this tip looks very similar to

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With ZSH you can do more, as usual. For instance select range of params ;)

$ echo p1 p2 p3
p1 p2 p3
$ echo !:2-3
$ echo p2 p3
p2 p3

Also you can do searches and other cool stuff read more

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please don't forget: you can apply letter case alternation for text selected in visual mode. All commands ~ , u , U

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actually you can do something like

echo "syntax on" >> ~/.vimrc

meantime I would suggest to use vim-janus

this is very bad smell, to move around in INS mode. Whole concept of vim to do all motions in normal mode, and think about text as an objects: char, word, sentence, paragraph, block..

My guess this tip is very similar to

Actually you can also use use -O and -p params. Let's check man vim:

-o[N]       Open N windows stacked.  When N is omitted, open one window for each file.
-O[N]       Open N windows side by side.  When N is omitted, open one window for each file.
-p[N]       Open N tab pages.  When N is omitted, open one tab page for each file.
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regarding tip #5
you can use vim - to read stdout so all script output could be collected
./my_script blah | vim -
or even more advanced
echo "foo\nbar" | vim - +"%s/bar/abc/g | 2"

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